The Little Boutique: Biscuits and Chocolates

Pastry and chocolate work are still my great passions!


This is why I bake regularly to prepare homemade desserts for the table d'hôtes but also for the pleasure of offering you fresh homemade biscuits that you will discover in your room upon your arrival.

Faced with requests from travelers who appreciated my cakes; happy to share and offer my biscuits to those around them, I created a little shop to allow you to buy them, what joy!

I offer you in my little shop:


Fresh, homemade cookies (subject to availability):

  • Madeleines (plain, lemon, chocolate chips)
  • Tiles For Almonds
  • Crunchy
  • Grape pucks

at the price of 5 euros per 100 gr bag.


Homemade chocolates (subject to availability):

  • Dark and milk chocolate beggars
  • orangettes
  • Dark and milk chocolate rocks
  • Easter chocolates

at the price of 7 euros per 100 gr bag.